Friday, November 21, 2014

Most Beautiful Bridal Mehendi Designs For you Brides (Purely Bridal Designs):) !!

Heylo lovely Birdes :) Choose your bridal Mehendi Now with most beautiful designs :)

I posted the most recent and most beautiful designs :) but if anyone of you have another wonderful designs then please share it :) It will be grateful :) 

Love your mehendi like it never be :)
Love your hands like it never be beautiful :)

admire the fragrance of Heena this time on your hand :) <3
With Lots of love and blessing :) <3

  1. Dulha-Dulhan Mehendi Style (With Drums and baja)

   2. Simple (Peacock Design) But its not recommendable (As it is not deeply painted that's why looks not so pretty after dry)

3. Simple But Deeply Painted : looks really beautiful after dry and see AR (bride and grooms names first letter )

4 . Dulha & Dulhan with Elephant 

Now for the feet :) <3

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