Sunday, November 22, 2015

Best Bride Hairstyles ! Choose and look Beautiful :)

Hi girls !! New post with new looks !

yes ! its very important post for B-R-i-DES TO BE as i am sharing best beautiful hairstyle designs.

we all girls know that our hairstyle is the most important for us when  we gonna dress for some special occassion. hairstyle adds the punch to the beauty and make us extra- beautiful ;)

so for you D-Day , I am sharing some beautiful ideas of  hairstyles with different accessories.

  • Zig -zag with maag tika from Inside(from bestie wedding)

Zig -zag with maag tika from Inside
  • V-shape then maag tika from out-side and backside puff  (from my wedding)
V-shape then maag tika from out-side

  • Simple round with maag tika tucked on both sides

Simple round with maagtika both sides head

  •  Middle maang with tika and side tikka or jhoomar

Simple middle maag with tika and side accessory

  • Side maag with tika from inside 

Friday, November 6, 2015

Blouse & Saari in Different Styles

Hello girls !! Wishes you guys very happy diwali in advance :)

I have awesome collection this time for Diwali ! Glow this diwali with these beautiful designs & patterns of blouses & Saari !

Exclusive n Designer Collections.