Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Aishwarya Rai Bacchan in Stardust Awards !!

Aishwarya Rai Bacchan looks very beautiful in Stardust Awards 2015. She wores the Cindrella- esque Georges Hobeika Couture gown. The stunning gowm makes her beauty amazingly pretty as cindrella :)

I so love her gown :) 

As you all know , She made her comeback this year with Jazbaa and her role has an award for her this year. she was the one who captured many eyeballs :) ;)

Lets talk about her make-up she wore with her beautiful gown. 

As her face glows, she had fresh finish by using a nourshing non-matte base which is evenly spread on all the points of face that will catch the light.
Soft Smokey eye with winged black eyeliner makes her eyes stunning. 
She has fuchsia lips with velvety texture.
her Curly hairs gives her immense beautiful texture.

Her gown is look of net with knitted glitter flower and leaves. I tell you ladies its the trendy that you have flowers all over the net :) :P

Recieving the award

giving the full pose 

gown full pose absolutely stunning

close up pose (see make up )

Stay tuned :) and keep smiling :) :D

Monday, December 21, 2015

Deepika Padukone Costume in BajiRao Mastani !!

BaajiRao Mastani is an epic historical movie about the love n roamnce of Bajirao Peshawar :)

As India is liking BajiRao Mastani , I am very fascinated about the costumes of Deepika Padukone. She wears very elegantly and yes Designer Anju Modi played historically and designed beautiful costumes for Deepika & Ranveer.

As I can see, the work which is mainly focused is Net with knitted flowers. This stunning net is taking heart away ! Absolutely amazing work.

Guys i have some pictures from Bajirao mastani of Deepika Padukone.

 Stay Tuned :) Keep Smiling ... :)

Friday, December 18, 2015

Light Dresses and Also in Budget At Shikha Vastra Kala ! :)

hello girls ! As the wedding season is here... just After the bride, the sister, the bhabhi, the mother, the mother-in- law, the mausi, the chachi, the didi, all are worrying about their dresses also.

what should wear, how to purchase, what color combination, and bla bla,...

So just for these lovely ladies, I am here for new ideas for your dresses ! exclusively for weddings but you can resuse them later on festive or some other occassions.

Also at this point, I have concerned about the budget also say around 10k but if you go to market and ask a wedding dress for this budget, Mind it ! your search can never make you happy :( 

So I believe to design and stitch at my favorite place yes ! its Shikha Vastra Kala, you can also contact here at

The Best part of Shikha vastra Kala is, you can customize your pattern according to you. Some points I am defining here about Shikha Vastra Kala:

  • Get the designer dress at your price.
  • you can choose the budget according to you.
  • you can have the best expertise advice here for no charge. Its my favourite.
  • you can have the best fitted piece.
  • Customize your dress according to you.
  • you can customize the color combination
Many things at one place give you immense satisfaction. If you really want a perfect outfit then Shikha vastra kala is the right place for you.

I have some designs for which you can go at Shikha Vastra Kala 

Soon, I will share the already happy clients from ShikhaVastra Kala

Stay Tuned & Keep Smiling :) :D

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Bridal Must Haves !! Accessories !!

Hello Brides - to - be..

here is the new post for you which gives you immense feeling that you are gonna be very pretty and happy birde :)

yes ! I am talking about accessories which bridal must have look upon.

Just take out your diaries and note it down for Must- Have  list. Yes these 6 items in accessories you need to take care of :)

  1. Heavy Earnings but with kadoni looks beautiful gesture.
  2. Nath : Round but it should be big one. :P
  3. Tikaa : Single tikaa or  tikaa with chain (first try to check that how tikaa with chain looks on your face, take a trial and then decide)
  4. Necklace : Pretty n heavy (if it is chick necklace then it would a latest style)
  5. Chura : Make your chura with not more color but with more one color with glitters. :)
  6. Jhumar : Jhumar is totally optional :P
Stay Tuned :) Keep Smiling :)

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Bridal Jewellery Ideas ! Latest & Trendy !

Hello girlies ! hope you are doing good. As the wedding season is going on., the brides are very much choosy about their wedding or D-Day Jewellery.

So here i am with new new & trendy jewellery ideas for you :*

As i love to discover, i found something very new in the Jewelles this time.

As i researched, i can see that jewellery should not so heavy not so light. It should very graceful and pretty according to ur outfit and ur pretty face. Just have a smile on that day, So jewel will increase your beauty. Mantra is smile :*

  • Chic Sets are very much in trend. It grace your neck and dress too.

  • Long heavy Chains Jewellery

Also, I will upload Real Brides Jewellery soon....till then Please smile and share the latest trend all over the world :) :P

Stay Tuned :)