Monday, December 1, 2014

List of Sangeet Songs for a Bride !! :)

  • Specially for Bride - Solo Performance for her groom
    • Bahara bahara huya yeh dil peheli baar vey - from I hate love stories
    • Gori Sharmaye, muskaye, goonje angna mei shehnaai- from Life partner
    • kehena hi kya yeh nain ek anjaan se jo mile - from Bombay
    • Chaan k mohalla saara dekh liya - from Action Replay
    •    Thoda sa  pagla thora deewana  from Aur pyar ho gya
    • yeh galiyaa yeh chaubara, yahan aana na dobara - from Prem Rog
    • manwa laage laage re saajna from Happy new year
    • Nagada sang Dhol baaje from RaamLeela
    • Saibo from Shor in the city
    • Mann Saat Samundar Dol gaya from Chameli
    •        Mera piya ghar aya o Ram ji from yarana
    • Laaya daak babu laya re sandeshwa from Album
    • Piaa tose naina laage re ... from Guide
Enjoy the latest Songs :) on your Sangeet :)
Soon, i will upload the songs for couple, and for other relatives (sister, brother and all :))

With lots of Love and blessings <3 <3

Idea for Quarter Sleeves Blouses (Trending ....)

Hi All beauties :) Hope you are enjoying your days ! and had an awesome weekend :) ;)

This week also, i have some creative ideas for you

quarter sleeves blouses are very much in trends these days. So i am posting some good ideas for you. Make your saari, lehenga with gorgeous and beautiful design of blouses :) :P

As we all know blouse is very important part ! we should always look for the different designs and styles for blouses :)

In this post, i have compiled the most awesome designs :D