Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Indian Bridal Most Pretty Buns (Juda)

Hii !! ladies and girls ! :)

I know very well that this wedding season makes you crazy about your hairstyle :) !! you guys wants the best buns or judaa (hairstyle )but for this, you need to look the best buns :)

Mostly, Indian Bride wears Juda on her D-day. So here are the Best Indian Bridal Buns. But it doesnt means only bride can try.... No not at all ! :) anyone like sister, bhabhi, didi, mausi, bua, momyy, anyone who wants to look elegant with buns and decent saari can wear these buns on their dears one wedding or function :)

Completely inspirational POst it is :)

Decorate your bun with flower :) it is the most wonderful and specially for a bride :) but if you are not a bride then also not to worries, you can try the most right bun decorated with artificial flower. It looks so so lovely :)

And if you are not a flowery girl then you can decorate your bun with Broch. It loos most decent :)


As you know options are many ! broch looks different but latkans on the bun looks another lovely look :)

Bun with heavy Latkans

Side flower or broch on buns also looks very pretty :)

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Trendy Lehenga (Most beautiful)

Hello girls! hope you are doing good at your side :) Today i am posting the most Stunning and trendy lehenga which you can wear on your E-day (engagement), on your Sangeet sandhaya, or you can carry this on  your sister's n brother's wedding.

Amisha Patel wore most Trendy Lehenga with blouse off-shoulder and Red Skirt. It looks Awesome o_O

Many Designers makes the replica of this lehenga :) and make some changes also. Check it :)

Friday, November 21, 2014

Most Beautiful Bridal Mehendi Designs For you Brides (Purely Bridal Designs):) !!

Heylo lovely Birdes :) Choose your bridal Mehendi Now with most beautiful designs :)

I posted the most recent and most beautiful designs :) but if anyone of you have another wonderful designs then please share it :) It will be grateful :) 

Love your mehendi like it never be :)
Love your hands like it never be beautiful :)

admire the fragrance of Heena this time on your hand :) <3
With Lots of love and blessing :) <3

  1. Dulha-Dulhan Mehendi Style (With Drums and baja)

   2. Simple (Peacock Design) But its not recommendable (As it is not deeply painted that's why looks not so pretty after dry)

3. Simple But Deeply Painted : looks really beautiful after dry and see AR (bride and grooms names first letter )

4 . Dulha & Dulhan with Elephant 

Now for the feet :) <3

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Engagement or Sangeet Dresses and Lehengas :)

Heyii Brides !! Exclusive Post for beauties who are going to engage this wedding season :)

i have some ideas for you brides of having beautiful dress and lehenga on your Engagement Day ! :)
you gals just need to understand first which type of dress or lehenga you want :) ? or i think just choose, try and then get ready for E-day :)

With Lots of Love and Blessing :)

Some Beautiful lehengas for you girls on your Pink Day <3

Pink - Green

Yellow- pink


Beautiful Pink lehenga by Anushree Reddy

Anushree Reddy Collection

Neeta lulla Bridal Collection

yellow pink lehenga by Anushree Reddy

Anushree Reddy Collection

Shriya Saran lehenga (i love it)

All yellow

Blue -green

 I had choosen lehenga as i was into fantasy of lehengas :) :P .So here this is my engagement lehenga :)

But if you don't want to go for another lehenga (as on your D-day, you will have another lehenga ) then you can choose a beautiful dress or a gown for your engagement or Sangeet :)

Anushree Reddy - Lehenga cum Dress