Thursday, November 13, 2014

8 Amazing Draping style of Dupattas

hello Beautiful ladies and Girls :)

Hope you are doing awesome with beauty of your charming smile :)

here is my first informative post for 8 amazing styles for draping your dupattas with your lovely lehenga. The reason behind this post is we opted our lehenga for first time for some special occasion but after that occasion, lehenga becomes old for us as we are fashionist :P :(

So to give a look new look, just Change Style of wrapping your dupatta :) :P

1. Lehenga Sari Style :This is most Common these days. Just like wrapping a sari, fall your dupatta from backward and tie it on your waist from another side. Looks fab ;) ;)
See images below:


2.  Seedha Pallu Sari Style: Its very Simple wrapping and looks stylish and sexy.. :k you need to follow this simple steps:

  • tie one corner of your dupatta on your waist as seen in the below picture.
  • Now from another corner (make the plates if you want otherwise) fall it on your front side.
  • Also tie with the blouse (like the middle picture ) so that it will not displace 


   3. Tie with your wrist : This pattern is new and looks very elegant. Try it when you want to Classy.         I have the same style at my engagement :)
   Just tie one corner of your dupatta with wrist and other may fall at your front side. See images



My Engagement :)

 4. U-Shape dupatta Style : This is very Lovely Style and some complicated. Follow these steps to        wrap u-shape:

  • Take both ends of a side of your dupatta, combine them with a pin.
  • Now tie with your blouse at one shoulder (preferably right).
  • And then same process with other end 
  • That's the U-shape :) 

    5. Wrap as Tie at the back or Wrap as tie at the Front :  

  • Tie one corner of duppatta at the front side    then take from your back side then fall :) (Refer 1st image) 
  • Tie one corner at the back side of your waist but fall it at back side of your looks very pretty(Refer 2nd image)

Wrap as tie at the Front
Wrap as Tie at the back

    6. Free style with tie at Wrist

    7. Free Style Wrapping Duppatta (Three different Styles)

      Free Style on Head and with U-shape :)

        8. The Bridal Style :)     

          i also had this bridal style of dupatta at my wedding :)