Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Indian Bridal Most Pretty Buns (Juda)

Hii !! ladies and girls ! :)

I know very well that this wedding season makes you crazy about your hairstyle :) !! you guys wants the best buns or judaa (hairstyle )but for this, you need to look the best buns :)

Mostly, Indian Bride wears Juda on her D-day. So here are the Best Indian Bridal Buns. But it doesnt means only bride can try.... No not at all ! :) anyone like sister, bhabhi, didi, mausi, bua, momyy, anyone who wants to look elegant with buns and decent saari can wear these buns on their dears one wedding or function :)

Completely inspirational POst it is :)

Decorate your bun with flower :) it is the most wonderful and specially for a bride :) but if you are not a bride then also not to worries, you can try the most right bun decorated with artificial flower. It looks so so lovely :)

And if you are not a flowery girl then you can decorate your bun with Broch. It loos most decent :)


As you know options are many ! broch looks different but latkans on the bun looks another lovely look :)

Bun with heavy Latkans

Side flower or broch on buns also looks very pretty :)