Becuase of You !! Inspirations !!

Its not a matter of jealously. Its the matter of my eyes which are more sharper, its the matter of my lips which always shine, its the matter of my cheeks which always blossom. But still you are always my inspiration , you know why??

becuase, ur extension of jealousy is so much high that it forced me to write about myself...

Happy International Women's day !!!

 Happy ‪#‎InternationalWomensDay‬. This day is celebrated for the empowernment of women in the society. Woman is the beautiful creature of God. 

Her role in the society can never be compared. Sometimes she is the Mother, sometimes a Sister, a wife, a boss, a daughter and she is unparalled. 

Feminine Brand BIBA is Celebrating *ChangeIsBeautiful* !!

hello girls :)

Happy lohri all of you :) hope you all are celebrating this festival with great charm :)

My post is basically on "The Brand BIBA is Celebrating the #ChangeIsBeautiful". It is an inspiring ad from BIBA typical for Arrange marriages in India. It highlights the gender equality in this era. 

The BIBA's add compaign "TheChangeIsBeautiful" is basically depicting the equal rights for "HER".

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