Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Happy International Women's day !!!

Happy ‪#‎InternationalWomensDay‬. This day is celebrated for the empowernment of women in the society. Woman is the beautiful creature of God. Her role in the society can never be compared. Sometimes she is the Mother, sometimes a Sister, a wife, a boss, a daughter and she is unparalled.

Our society from its early days has considered women as the subordinate of men whose whole life is spent in showering upon others. From being a girl to the mother, she had to make sacrifices at every stage of life. The role of women in the society has been greatly overseen in the last few decades but now are coming to a more perpective to people. The traditional woman has evolved to prove herself equal im may professions as well as proved better suited than men in others. Since, contemporary Indian society has been exposed to massive social transformation, technological advancement, rapid globalization and industrial growth, women have made vast improvements in their lifestyles in the past few decades from not just holding positions in governments to simple things like getting a job and supporting themselves. The role of women is changing and improving very fast.

However, when the society had just leaked out of things like dowry and female foeticide, few things like indian women's dressing has become higly inflicted issue backed by unfortunate judgements. Society need to elevate itself from this minor issue.

Man and women need to work together with equal stature to pave into a progressive environment which lays down the base-stone of sustainable developement.

Always remember,  man and woman are the two wheels of the same carriage. So let's keep the vehicular life marching towards growth and good wiliness.

On IWD'16, I pledge to influence and strengthen the female community and introduce a positive change. A change in lifestyle, way of thinking and how people change with them & make a difference. Will motivate them to be more vocal about their oppression, their rights.

I worte a simple hindi poem for this International Women's day.

नारी शक्ति :

एक नारी हूँ, एक शक्ति हूँ मै..
फिर भी न जाने क्यों ,मैं हमेशा नर से पीछे हूँ
क्या कोई बता सकता है मेरी पेहेचान?
क्यों मैं एक नारी हूँ और क्यों एक शक्ति हूँ....
केहेते हैं लोग जब मेरा जनम हुआ,
यह तो है एक लड़की, क्यों इसका जनम हुआ..
क्यों मैं एक नारी हूँ और एक शक्ति हूँ...
केहेते हैं लोग कभी, ईश्वर की अनूठी रचना हूँ मै,
फिर भी कभी न हुआ मेरा  सम्मान,

लेकिन एक नारी हूँ, एक शक्ति हूँ मै.
बढ़ना है मुझे अब हमेशा कदम मिलाकर
करुँगी नारी शक्ति का प्रयोग,
क्युकी ईश्वर ने बनाया है मुझे एक योग्य.
इसीलिए एक नारी ,एक शक्ति हूँ मै

Cheers ! stay happy ! be Stylish :)


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  2. nicely penned...these amalgamation of thoughts just form the outline the beauty and magnanimity of womanhood.
    There's truly no extent to the efficiency and willingness a woman may possess....

    1. Thank you so much for such understanding ! :)

  3. happy women's day to you too