Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Because of You !! Inspirations !!

Its not a matter of jealously. Its the matter of my eyes which are more sharper, its the matter of my lips which always shine, its the matter of my cheeks which always blossom. But still you are always my inspiration , you know why??

because, ur extension of jealousy is so much high that it forced me to write about myself. Thanks for giving me the idea and matter about me :).  I know its kind a self obsession but when you love yourself , then you can love the world.  Basically , its a success above the madness.

This post is dedicated to all haters who hates you at everytime. But seriously, you cant get down if you take their hate as motivation of your life. So cheers !

Stay happy n be Stylish :)


  1. Loved the post. We should definitely take haters as a motivation and rise like a phoenix :)

  2. Rightly said..
    Always remember a worthy quote--"Everybody pities the weak, jealousy you have to earn".

    So if you are gaining no. of haters, it certainly means that you doing good and becoming better.

    So #happyincreasinghaters

  3. Though short, I love this post. Means so much more than can be described.