Friday, December 18, 2015

Light Dresses and Also in Budget At Shikha Vastra Kala ! :)

hello girls ! As the wedding season is here... just After the bride, the sister, the bhabhi, the mother, the mother-in- law, the mausi, the chachi, the didi, all are worrying about their dresses also.

what should wear, how to purchase, what color combination, and bla bla,...

So just for these lovely ladies, I am here for new ideas for your dresses ! exclusively for weddings but you can resuse them later on festive or some other occassions.

Also at this point, I have concerned about the budget also say around 10k but if you go to market and ask a wedding dress for this budget, Mind it ! your search can never make you happy :( 

So I believe to design and stitch at my favorite place yes ! its Shikha Vastra Kala, you can also contact here at

The Best part of Shikha vastra Kala is, you can customize your pattern according to you. Some points I am defining here about Shikha Vastra Kala:

  • Get the designer dress at your price.
  • you can choose the budget according to you.
  • you can have the best expertise advice here for no charge. Its my favourite.
  • you can have the best fitted piece.
  • Customize your dress according to you.
  • you can customize the color combination
Many things at one place give you immense satisfaction. If you really want a perfect outfit then Shikha vastra kala is the right place for you.

I have some designs for which you can go at Shikha Vastra Kala 

Soon, I will share the already happy clients from ShikhaVastra Kala

Stay Tuned & Keep Smiling :) :D