Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Wedding Sizzling !!

to be an Indian bride...guys!! its not an easy task.. :P So many rituals and all have to be done in an Indian wedding. Indian bride ! :( have to do riddle accomplishment with all poojas and situations, but beside this, your wedding is just around the corner.
just like another bride, you want to look your best on the D-Day, mainly because it is the most important occasion of your life :) :)

many of my batch mates, school mates are getting married !! omg !! we are big enough :) :P :D

just enjoy this colorful rainbow :) :)

A Precious band of diamond and gold,
Two lives, two loves and two hearts enfold.

Inside the priceless circled ring,
True love, true faith and hope will cling.


  1. Really very nice :-)

  2. thankuu Anjali di and richa \m/ :) :P

  3. Indian brides are the most beautiful brides in world.
    I am glad to be in a profession where I get to attend so many weddings :D

    You said many of your friends are getting married :P
    don't forget to let them know about -\recreatingreality

    cheers ,

  4. hehe..okay sure :) and thankss :)