Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Brides Beauty!!

Just Imagine !! the day..when she get a romantic blush smile !! ohh God :) she looks damn beautiful on this day :) Mashallahhh !!!

This natural blushing smile is a particular symbol of an Indian bride. when a bride smiles, it actually means she is truly and completely living her dream :) same with groom?? but whatever be the case :D its a new Beginning !!

After all, its a darlo day for a bride. The day when she will just move to her next phase of life, A beautiful colorful dreams.

you know guys !! This is the reason She Smiles, She blushes...

This post is dedicated to my bestie who is going to engage in few months :P not displaying the name :P
and also for those, who live this wonderful moment !!

So cheers !! gals :) :)

My emotions are a blend of shyness and pride
Today, I am happy, today I am your bride.

In my every breath is your fragrance
You are the essence of my existence.

By the glowing flames of the fire pure
The test of time, our vows will endure.

By the colour of my bangles green
A union like ours is yet to be seen.

By the modesty of my bridal veil
In my commitment, I shall never fail.

By the perfumed flowers in my hair
My future I entrust to your care.

By the shine of the sole moonbeam
To You, I offer my every dream.

By the auspicious red on my forehead
So much to express but is left unsaid.

Your love, your joy is my only goal
I am the body, you are the soul.

By the glory of the steps seven
Truly marriages are made in heaven


  1. What I have observed it any girl looks fabulous in saree than any other wear. I have checked in many ocassions. My friends, cousins who eventually wear designer saree on ocassion looks always good. Thats the power of saree.

  2. Marriage is nice and prestigious occassion ... the thing which you can have memories for lifelong ... really nice look in indian wedding sarees ... as for such auspicious occasions