Thursday, August 20, 2015

Get the look of Genelia D'souza Deshmukh

hey pretty girls ! :) hope you all are doing good. 

previous post was Soha Ali Khan Look  which was rocking at my facebook page :) 

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This post is for Elegance + cuteness Combo which make you beautiful in your own way ! and Genelia D'souza is the perfect example for this. She is super cute and chanrming ! with this dress she looks elegant too. So why not to get the look :D

For this Complete Attire ! 

Just Grab the purple color netted Gown  (free Style) With Silver Clutch.

Now Set ur Hair with a beautiful elegant bun.

Set ur Ears with Diamond earing.

Now Come down to ur fingers and put a diamond shaped ring 

Then down to the foots, make them beautiful with silver pointed belly ! 

Enjoy the elegance of your personality ! and stay happy :*

P.S : if you like the gown then order the gown ! :P 
contact at 

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Get the look of Soha Ali Khan !

heylo girls ! after a nap, i am here agian !

Pretty Colors And Pretty Combination make you Prittest girls in the world <3

So get the look of Soha Ali Khan ! make yourself pretty gal !  Here Soha is wearing one of my favourite combo. YES ! Orange & White :)

Orange Top : Orange Top with Full sleeves give you pretty attire ! 

White Skirt : White Skirt with black shaded spots gives you professional look ! so if u want some professional attire in a party ! then its a perfect combo !

  Curly Hairs :   Back side curly hairs ! perfect party look with gorgeous danglers.

so.. SaVe the look ! and get the look ! 

Also ! if u want exact Orange top. Kindly contact at 

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Different Styles to tie Your Scarf !!

Heylo girls :) good afternooon :D

Trendy girls , i have something trendy for you today :) yeshh ! i am sharing the different styles to tie your scarf. so girls my today's logo is Just Be Trendy in your style :)

  • The tie-breaker ( 6 easy steps follow and be cool ;))

  • The Barcelona style (4 easy steps)

  • The Serendipity Style (Just 3 Easy Steps & Dance :D)

  • The Napoleon Style (in just 4 easy steps & Join a Glee Club)

  • The NYC Style (6 easy steps & laugh Maniacally :D)

  • The V-Shape Club (6 easy Steps and join the Trendy Cools party)

  • The Half-Tied (7 easy steps & flip flop the around)

Be Trendy ! Be Cool And join the party ! Stay happy :)

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Paint your nail with Maybelline Newyork Color Show ~!

hello beauties :) Rainyyy season in delhi ! so you are enjoying the monsoon ?? hopefully yes ! so fashion lovers i have something new for you guys ! yes 

lets paint our nails by Maybelline Newyork 'rebel bouquet collection' color Show. Play with newyork street graphics and give urself sensational feeling on your finger tips & toes ! play in and play out :D 

For different graphics and colors, girls just check out ur favorite color on nykaa. And yes ! its called Maybelline Newyork Show Go Graffiti Nail Polish

i am very excited to share its pros :) because it very attarction ! you will have to love it :) just choose the trick ;)

Pros : 

  • Affrodable ! only 145 Rs/- but on nykaa, you can get only at Rs 116/-
  • 9 differemt colors in pipe to catch your eyes :P
  • Long lasting designs
  • Gorgeous shimmery colors (THE SHOW STOPPER)
  • different styles , different graphics 
  • Rating A+


Nothing Nothing Nothing....

See Tricks and Play with your nails :D

  • Summer Alternatives :)

  • Power floral

  • Split & style


Thursday, August 6, 2015

Eyeliner Technique !!

Hello beautiful ladies ! hope you all enjoying these rainy season ! bit humid but when you are into ur passion then everything is adventurous. !

so fashion lovers ! just make ur eyes more beautiful and sexy with the simple trick of eyeliner. Just play the video :D

Apply ! love ! and move on move on !!

Love you girls :) :*

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Lakme launches Absolute Lip Pout !! New release !!

Heylo girls,

hope you are enjoying on the blog finding new things and new designs :) i love to hear from you :) !! so guys start commenting ! Please...

This time its your favourite one ! yes its about ur pout :D :D so renew your pout with Lakme Absolute lip Pout with Kareena kapoor ! :)

There are total 6 lovely bright colours (Matte Balms)! Lakme Pink, Red and Orange balms make you time crazy for your pout to be polish with high definitions.  Check out all :)

1. Magenta Magic & Pink Fantasy

2. Raving Red & Starlet Red

3. Tangerine Touch & Victorian Rose (My fav)

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Patiyala !! Ethenic !! Awesome ideas :)

Hiii ! beautiies :) how are you guys ? i know its been a very very long time ! but yeahhh! i am here again with super awesome ideas for upcoming festivals :)

Today, i have super awesome designs of patiyalas with vibrant colors which you love, n love n love :P haha ! so if u love them u can order them :D

YEs ! this time ! you can order them with its code by writing me So here are the designs :)

Code: FS009

Code: FS0010


Code :FS001

Code : FS002

Code: FS003

Code: FS004

Code: FS005

Code: FS008

Code : FS007

Monday, December 1, 2014

List of Sangeet Songs for a Bride !! :)

  • Specially for Bride - Solo Performance for her groom
    • Bahara bahara huya yeh dil peheli baar vey - from I hate love stories
    • Gori Sharmaye, muskaye, goonje angna mei shehnaai- from Life partner
    • kehena hi kya yeh nain ek anjaan se jo mile - from Bombay
    • Chaan k mohalla saara dekh liya - from Action Replay
    •    Thoda sa  pagla thora deewana  from Aur pyar ho gya
    • yeh galiyaa yeh chaubara, yahan aana na dobara - from Prem Rog
    • manwa laage laage re saajna from Happy new year
    • Nagada sang Dhol baaje from RaamLeela
    • Saibo from Shor in the city
    • Mann Saat Samundar Dol gaya from Chameli
    •        Mera piya ghar aya o Ram ji from yarana
    • Laaya daak babu laya re sandeshwa from Album
    • Piaa tose naina laage re ... from Guide
Enjoy the latest Songs :) on your Sangeet :)
Soon, i will upload the songs for couple, and for other relatives (sister, brother and all :))

With lots of Love and blessings <3 <3

Idea for Quarter Sleeves Blouses (Trending ....)

Hi All beauties :) Hope you are enjoying your days ! and had an awesome weekend :) ;)

This week also, i have some creative ideas for you

quarter sleeves blouses are very much in trends these days. So i am posting some good ideas for you. Make your saari, lehenga with gorgeous and beautiful design of blouses :) :P

As we all know blouse is very important part ! we should always look for the different designs and styles for blouses :)

In this post, i have compiled the most awesome designs :D


Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Indian Bridal Most Pretty Buns (Juda)

Hii !! ladies and girls ! :)

I know very well that this wedding season makes you crazy about your hairstyle :) !! you guys wants the best buns or judaa (hairstyle )but for this, you need to look the best buns :)

Mostly, Indian Bride wears Juda on her D-day. So here are the Best Indian Bridal Buns. But it doesnt means only bride can try.... No not at all ! :) anyone like sister, bhabhi, didi, mausi, bua, momyy, anyone who wants to look elegant with buns and decent saari can wear these buns on their dears one wedding or function :)

Completely inspirational POst it is :)

Decorate your bun with flower :) it is the most wonderful and specially for a bride :) but if you are not a bride then also not to worries, you can try the most right bun decorated with artificial flower. It looks so so lovely :)

And if you are not a flowery girl then you can decorate your bun with Broch. It loos most decent :)


As you know options are many ! broch looks different but latkans on the bun looks another lovely look :)

Bun with heavy Latkans

Side flower or broch on buns also looks very pretty :)