Thursday, August 20, 2015

Get the look of Genelia D'souza Deshmukh

hey pretty girls ! :) hope you all are doing good. 

previous post was Soha Ali Khan Look  which was rocking at my facebook page :) 

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This post is for Elegance + cuteness Combo which make you beautiful in your own way ! and Genelia D'souza is the perfect example for this. She is super cute and chanrming ! with this dress she looks elegant too. So why not to get the look :D

For this Complete Attire ! 

Just Grab the purple color netted Gown  (free Style) With Silver Clutch.

Now Set ur Hair with a beautiful elegant bun.

Set ur Ears with Diamond earing.

Now Come down to ur fingers and put a diamond shaped ring 

Then down to the foots, make them beautiful with silver pointed belly ! 

Enjoy the elegance of your personality ! and stay happy :*

P.S : if you like the gown then order the gown ! :P 
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