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Monday, March 14, 2016

Nykaa Celebrates the Holi Hungama | Upto 40% Off | Holi 2016 | Shopping Alert

Hey beautiful girls ! how are you guys ?:) hope you all doing good. So today's post is just an Alert for shopaholics  like me !! :D  

Nykaa celebrates the color of holi Hungama with upto 40% discount this time. Check n celebrate your colorful holi with

Cheers ! Stay Happy ! be Stylish  :)

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Feminine Brand BIBA is Celebrating *ChangeIsBeautiful* !!

hello girls :)

Happy lohri all of you :) hope you all are celebrating this festival with great charm :)

My post is basically on "The Brand BIBA is Celebrating the #ChangeIsBeautiful". It is an inspiring ad from BIBA typical for Arrange marriages in India. It highlights the gender equality in this era. 

Gender descrimination continues to be enormous within India. And if we see the traditional trends, women are only for household things which affects their education, health, financial status. 

Only 56% of women are educated compared to 76% of men in India. This brings non-equality in the Indian Society. We as women atleast respect to each other so that our generation grows more n more and there will be an equal figure of educated women in India.

As i feel personally, Our society do not accept the "The daughter" and her rights. They always see their daughter "The other person's" wife, daughter-in-law and So they make us understand the duties and resposibilities of " The wife", "The mother", "The daughter-in-law".

Simply we should understand the fact that we are all human beings and there is a term "individuality" which also belongs to us.

The BIBA's add compaign "TheChangeIsBeautiful" is basically depicting the equal rights for "HER".

BIBA is always a favourite when it come to celebrate the ethinic.

Celebrate yourself with #ChangeIsBeautiful.

watch the whole Story through the video :)video depicts the Change is beautiful in wonderful n ethnic way :)

Stay happy n cheers :)

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Aditi Rao in Floral dress for Wazir Promotions !! Choose your favourite one !!

hi girls !! I am back with bang ;) 
hope you guys had wonderful weekend :)

Aditi Rao hydari looking awesome in floral dress. She choose all floral for the Wazir Promotions.

Her dressed was styled by Sanam Ratansi. As floral is in trend, you can choose with different style.

Wearing Anushree Watch for Wazir Promotions

For Wazir Promotions 

She wore varunbahlcouture in international film festival. Flonal lehenga make me mad <3 <3

Stay happy n keep reading us :)