Friday, September 26, 2014

Back with Beach Bag (BB)!!

Heylo girls !!

hope you enjoying your days.  so i was thinking these week days. what to write, what to post?? completely confused. So many topics and reviews but still i manage my mind to think over the ovals and i have a great idea to post on BEACH Bags for YOU guys !!

i know , many of you planning to visit beach these coming days as GOA will be the main attraction to visit this November to January. So if plannings are there then why not in STYLish ways :)

many prints like floral, checks, hand made, watery, liners, clutch type, wooden type bag, Tote bag

Have a look :)

Black pink floral

Tote bag

summer potly bag

floral bag

tote bag

kerela bag

Beach bags

Printed cloth bag

tote bag

flower bucket bag

pink bird bag

tote liner bag with flower

but here journey not ends,it STARTS actually ! i will move next amazing style Summer beach :)
Hope you enjoyyy !!

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