Monday, April 4, 2016

OOTD | Long Ethnic Skirt | Global Desi Top | Eye Make Up | Adornments

hello girls ! :) How are you all ? how was your weekend guys ? Mine was sad as my previous post was deleted my mistaken, Still I am trying to recover it :(

But Life n Beauty no ways say STOP just for a single post and thats the reason, I am posting my another OOTD. Its for ethnic long skirt, Global desi Top with beautiful Red adornments.

This beautiful combination, I have created for the "festival of Jammu & Kashmir in Delhi Haat, Delhi". Delhi Haat is the permanent haat. It has a variety of cultrual traditions of India. If you want to see the traditions of India then Delhi haat is the must-visit place for you.

I went there on 13th March 2016 where Jammu & Kashmir festival was going on. It was 15days festival. Cultrual dance, Lok geet of Jammu & kashmir has been played on the stage of Delhi Haat, 
different stoles were for pashmina shawls, the variety of suits, variety of andronments, Indian local handicrafts and many more things. Lets have a look ahead for pictures, I have taken there.

And here I am for the festival

Picture depicts the Jammu & Kashmir Culture

Seeking for Different Things like bags

Checking the patterns of Koti

Enjoyed the Jewellery Section

Foot wear Section

Decoration items

Different wooden Tokris

Dance at Stage

So, I enjoyed each and every section of Dilli Haat, Its really beautiful place for shopping, eating and roaming around with different culture of India. Our country has so many beautiful traditional things that we cant leave them to see. So girls, If you like the place n pictures then you can also visit this place. Believe me , you will love it.

Location : Neareast Metro Station INA (NewDelhi, India)
Timing: 11 A.m to 9 P.m
Tickets Fee : 20 Rs/- for Adults and Rs 10/- for Children

Now its my turn to explain my Outfit of the day(OOTD)

My Adornments:

I wore the Red n Black Jhumkas which i bought from C.P (Delhi local traditional market) and Red Moti Mala (its my favorite) also bought from C.P.

I always love to wear my REd chuda for ethnic dress. And so I make small set of them. See picture.

My Outfit

For the place like dilli haat(traditional), I chose my Long ethnic skirt with global desi top. Many people after seeing my pics asked me that i have made the plan to dressed up with matching?

I simply say No. Actually The place n my outfit was so compliment with each other that everybody was amazed.  

I tool my ethnic sling bag which i bought from an Online store. 

My Make Up : I always love simple make-up but it should be sharp. If your make-up is sharp, then you features looks very beautiful specially for Indian skin tone. This is the reason, I took large Red Bindi for me with dark eyemakeup. I used  Sugar Twist & Shout kajal (Black velvet) which i have already reviewed here.

For Lip, I used Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick, Hot Hot Hot , 4.2g And Its done.

Hope you like my post.

Love you guys ! see you soon.

Be happy n Be stylish :) 
Cheers !

Monday, March 21, 2016

How to Make Rose Petals Face Mask | Sandal Face Pack | Home Made Face Pack | Summer Skin Care Therapy | Oily Skin

hello beautiful girls... how are you all ? Wonderful I know.. 

Weather is hot in Delhi and we all need to care about our skin so much. I am very much concious for my skin these days as it is super oily.

So I made a Rose petals Mask  for my super oily skin. I tell you, why i use Rose petals these summers:

Rose is the most beautiful flower in the world , its the sign of love n beauty. It has various benefits for skin. Roses have therapeutic benefits that relax the body , reduce the stress, and promoting glowing skin.

Benefits of Rose Mask
  • Skin glower : It helps to define your skin (if you have oily skin). Natural oil of rose petals make the skin clear n more glower.
  • Smoothens the skin : Rose petals contain natural sugar n oil that will lock the moisture into dry skin cells.
  • Tan Remover Or Dead cell Remover :  if you mix rose petals mixure with rose water and Sandal face pack then it will remove the dead cells from skin. 
  • Prevent Dark Circles : if rose petals face mask is used regularly then it can also prevent your dark circles even. Rose has power to regenerate your skin freshness.
These are the main benefits of Rose petals Mask. So i think of making it. If you also want to try it then follow these steps.

Ingredients :

  • Dry Rose petals
  • Rose Water
  • Honey (optional)
  • Sandal face pack or sandal face powder or multani mitti.
Dry Rose petals with Dabour Rose water 

Sandal face mask

This sandal face mask powder, I bought from Kerela where i get natural sandal face mask. I really liked it a lot becuase of its naturility. If you dont have then you can use Multani Mitti powder also.

Step 1: Crush the rose petals in the bowl and then grind it in grinder.

Step 2 : Add the 2 table spoon sandal pack powder into the mixture of rose petals.

Step 3: Add the rose water n honey (optional) . Mix it with the spoon.

Step 4: After 10 mintues, Sqeez the mixture in another bowl.

You can see the final mixture in the picture: -- 

Final Pack

I applied on me at night for 10 mintues and then wash with cold water

    Applied on me.
    And believe me , It gives freshness with glowing skin in the morning. I looked like , I detanned my face with some scrub but it was home made rose petals face mask.

    Make this mask for you And let me know the result :) Hope you liked it.
                                                Be happy n Be Stylish. :)

Friday, March 18, 2016

OOTD | Simple Outfit | One Fine Day | Jeans | Ombre Pink Shirt

hello girls ! :) how are you.?? !! most of you are completing  some important work today beacause Its Friday !! The weekend is here. So I am wishing you the happy weekend :* kisses, * hugs.

I wanna share something with you guys, After my wedding, I got some weight put on. :( which is hell part for me and i am working these days for that, but still I always love to enjoy the outfits, weather, holidays and all things which happened to me. :P

So , today I am sharing the simple outfit (its completely ordinary just like that) but i enjoyed it a lot.

Shirt : Its an ombre pink shirt from American Swan. 
Jeans : Numero uno
Glasses : Shades from American Swan
Bellies : Picked up from Lajpat Nagar.

Stole: Its from FabBag.

Sling Bag :  My sling bag is from dubai (My cousin bought it for me :D)

My make up is very simple here as i always prefer very light make up if its sunny day. And its a sunny day. If you have oily skin then light make up is good idea (totally my reviews).

I used Za True White Day protector SPF 26 PA++. I will review it soon. Ïts very good protector if you are going for a sunny day.

I used  Sugar Twist & Shout kajal (Black velvet) which i have already reviewed here.

And simple Loreal Color Riche Lipcolor (Fuchsia). Done.

Love you guys ! seen you soon.

Be happy n Be stylish :) 
Cheers !

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Twist & Shout Fadeproof Kajal | SUGAR Cosmetics | Review !

hello beautiful girls .. how are you girls ! ? super ? I know :) :D

Today, I am reviewing the Sugar Twist & Shout kajal (Black velvet). You girls very well know that kajal is the essential for our eyes. So here i am with the review :)

I tell you guys , believe me n go for it once. You will love it.

Product Name : Twist & Shout Fadeproof kajal By Sugar
Product Code : 01 Balck velvet
Specification : All type of  eyes :)
Cost : INR 399 for 0.35 g

Staying Power : It stays so long :O for 8 to 9 hours ! I can say this because i mostly apply it in the morning (at the time of office 9 A.M and it is perfectly stays on my eyes till 8 pm).
Disclamer : I have oily skin. It can be smudged but it doesnt. The quality of Twist & shout take away my heart :P xoxo

Texture : Its texure is very smooth n blendable. So it gives the sexy look to the eyes. I always apply it on my waterline and its very comfortable kajal.

What i like :

  • Its amazing kajal ! it proves Must-have buy.
  • Its true to its name : Perfect fadeproof.
  • Smooth & Smudge proof.
  • Packaging is really cute.
  • Intense Black n stays for long say 10-15 hours !

Swatches :

Now My take on Twist & Shout Fadeproof Kajal. I liked it so much. I have applied this kajal with Maybelline Hyper Sharp Liner.

have a look :)

Final Verdict : I am in love with the Kajal.

Base Rating : 4.5/5

Did anyone get a chance to lay hands on this??

Be happy n Be stylish :) 
Cheers !

Monday, March 14, 2016

Nykaa Celebrates the Holi Hungama | Upto 40% Off | Holi 2016 | Shopping Alert

Hey beautiful girls ! how are you guys ?:) hope you all doing good. So today's post is just an Alert for shopaholics  like me !! :D  

Nykaa celebrates the color of holi Hungama with upto 40% discount this time. Check n celebrate your colorful holi with

Cheers ! Stay Happy ! be Stylish  :)

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Pink Kurti !! My Outfit !! Designed !!

hello beautiful girls. hope your week is going very exciting as women's day was there. Hope you all enjoyed that day in your way :)

Today , I want to share my kurti which is designed by me in very afforable cost. Designing your own clothes is the super fun. you can choose your color, design, pattern and most importantly the budget :D

I bought the semi cloth from Agra (Suresh Chand n Dinesh Chand) . If you are from Agra then you definitely know about this ethinic store. Actually I had one design in my mind like Lara dutta's kurti so i have this one. Pink color is my favourite one. Also i bought pink color with copper gold work.
And for bottom , I took copper brown :D

if you like my post, Please share your views !

Have a look :)

Stay happy n be stylish. :)

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Because of You !! Inspirations !!

Its not a matter of jealously. Its the matter of my eyes which are more sharper, its the matter of my lips which always shine, its the matter of my cheeks which always blossom. But still you are always my inspiration , you know why??

because, ur extension of jealousy is so much high that it forced me to write about myself. Thanks for giving me the idea and matter about me :).  I know its kind a self obsession but when you love yourself , then you can love the world.  Basically , its a success above the madness.

This post is dedicated to all haters who hates you at everytime. But seriously, you cant get down if you take their hate as motivation of your life. So cheers !

Stay happy n be Stylish :)

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Happy International Women's day !!!

Happy ‪#‎InternationalWomensDay‬. This day is celebrated for the empowernment of women in the society. Woman is the beautiful creature of God. Her role in the society can never be compared. Sometimes she is the Mother, sometimes a Sister, a wife, a boss, a daughter and she is unparalled.

Our society from its early days has considered women as the subordinate of men whose whole life is spent in showering upon others. From being a girl to the mother, she had to make sacrifices at every stage of life. The role of women in the society has been greatly overseen in the last few decades but now are coming to a more perpective to people. The traditional woman has evolved to prove herself equal im may professions as well as proved better suited than men in others. Since, contemporary Indian society has been exposed to massive social transformation, technological advancement, rapid globalization and industrial growth, women have made vast improvements in their lifestyles in the past few decades from not just holding positions in governments to simple things like getting a job and supporting themselves. The role of women is changing and improving very fast.

However, when the society had just leaked out of things like dowry and female foeticide, few things like indian women's dressing has become higly inflicted issue backed by unfortunate judgements. Society need to elevate itself from this minor issue.

Man and women need to work together with equal stature to pave into a progressive environment which lays down the base-stone of sustainable developement.

Always remember,  man and woman are the two wheels of the same carriage. So let's keep the vehicular life marching towards growth and good wiliness.

On IWD'16, I pledge to influence and strengthen the female community and introduce a positive change. A change in lifestyle, way of thinking and how people change with them & make a difference. Will motivate them to be more vocal about their oppression, their rights.

I worte a simple hindi poem for this International Women's day.

नारी शक्ति :

एक नारी हूँ, एक शक्ति हूँ मै..
फिर भी न जाने क्यों ,मैं हमेशा नर से पीछे हूँ
क्या कोई बता सकता है मेरी पेहेचान?
क्यों मैं एक नारी हूँ और क्यों एक शक्ति हूँ....
केहेते हैं लोग जब मेरा जनम हुआ,
यह तो है एक लड़की, क्यों इसका जनम हुआ..
क्यों मैं एक नारी हूँ और एक शक्ति हूँ...
केहेते हैं लोग कभी, ईश्वर की अनूठी रचना हूँ मै,
फिर भी कभी न हुआ मेरा  सम्मान,

लेकिन एक नारी हूँ, एक शक्ति हूँ मै.
बढ़ना है मुझे अब हमेशा कदम मिलाकर
करुँगी नारी शक्ति का प्रयोग,
क्युकी ईश्वर ने बनाया है मुझे एक योग्य.
इसीलिए एक नारी ,एक शक्ति हूँ मै

Cheers ! stay happy ! be Stylish :)

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Urmila Matondkar tied knot with Mohsin Akhtar Mir !! Beautiful Bride !!

Hello girls, How are you ?? hope you are doing good. In Delhi, Summer has arrived, still try to be cool :D

The actress, Urmila Matondkar married with kashmir based businessman Mohsin Akhtar Mir. Her wedding celebration was done in private ceremony at her residence .She looks very beautiful in her wedding attire. see her pictures :)

We congratulate the couple :)

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

My Wedding diaries !! Throwback Post !! My Photoshoot

hello girls !

2 years ago, when i was married, i really want to be the most beautiful bride ever as all girls want.
On the occassion of my wedding anniversary, I am sharing my wedding photoshoot in the beauty parlour.

I had taken the Airbursh Mac Make up where the foundation base(according to my skin ) has been testified by me (one week before the D-Day). Please have a look.

My lehenga is not in trend now - a- days, but in those , I was in love. :P
lehenga is From Suresh Chand n Dinesh Chand, Agra. (one of the super ethnic store) , Awesome collections for everything.

I chose the American Diamond jwellery along with mogra gajra. :D (All things have been done from Kinaari bazar, Agra

Also, i made my chura purely blood red color with golden kade (Also from kinaari bazar, Agra)

hope you guys liked my shoot. :)
Stay happy n Be Stylish :) :*