Thursday, December 17, 2015

Bridal Must Haves !! Accessories !!

Hello Brides - to - be..

here is the new post for you which gives you immense feeling that you are gonna be very pretty and happy birde :)

yes ! I am talking about accessories which bridal must have look upon.

Just take out your diaries and note it down for Must- Have  list. Yes these 6 items in accessories you need to take care of :)

  1. Heavy Earnings but with kadoni looks beautiful gesture.
  2. Nath : Round but it should be big one. :P
  3. Tikaa : Single tikaa or  tikaa with chain (first try to check that how tikaa with chain looks on your face, take a trial and then decide)
  4. Necklace : Pretty n heavy (if it is chick necklace then it would a latest style)
  5. Chura : Make your chura with not more color but with more one color with glitters. :)
  6. Jhumar : Jhumar is totally optional :P
Stay Tuned :) Keep Smiling :)

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