Sunday, September 21, 2014

How to nourish your hairs/Damage Therapy

Hi everyone! Hope you people enjoy your weekend J

For this Monday! My sister-in-law wants me to write about the hair fall shampoo and good hair oil.

I know many of us, are suffering from this hair fall, hair dry problem! We search the things for natural remedies, also hair fall products but helpless L
Specially! This humid season irritates hairs so much, they can’t grow properly, and they can’t be rich at this moment. BUT Not to worry !

I am here with some useful information for you!! 
·         Henna and Mustard oil therapy: Henna nourishes your hair! Apply henna once a week at morning, on that day only, take a head massage for several minutes with warm oil mustard oil. Next morning, wash your hairs! Believe me! it works J

·         Amla(Gooseberry), Reetha(Soap nut Powder), Shikakai(Acacia Concinna) therapy: Use an herbal and ayurvedic Shampoo. They are less expensive and they are mild. They have fewer chemicals. Some good Ayurvedic shampoo you can use :

Kesh Kanti patanjali Shampoo. It contains all three ingredients (Amla, reetha, sikakai) and if you want to use these three mixtures (homemade). It also works amazingly!

How to make Amla reetha shikakai Shampoo at home:
·         Take all three ingredients in Mixy container then add some water into it. Grind them properly like a powder.
·         Now take a pan with some water and mix the amla mixture into it And stir.
·         Boil this mixture till some froth come out.
·          Leave this shampoo for some hours and then you can easily use it

 My mom did it for me when I was 15-16 year old. She prepared the powder of amla, reetha, shikakai for me and my sister. (Remembering my old good days...). Mom’s things worked out with us and we have pretty good hairs. Lucky I am!! \m/
Bhringraaj oil. This oil really works, if you do oil massaging with it daily ! then your hair grows more other than any product. But most importantly you must use regular J

It is very natural and more prone to prevent hair loss. Also it is very common product. You can easily get it from any local store.  Personally in my family, my brother in law  is using it J
If you find anywhere bhringraaj leaves (ayurvedic medecine) anywhere then crush/grind them into powder and mix it with sesame oil (til ka tel), Apply it directly.

 Useful Tip : Massaging hairs with warm oil affects the scalp and intend to grow more shiny and smooth hairs.

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