Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Karwa Chauth Mehendi

Hello Brides !!

so karwa chauth is coming !! beauties are doing preparations, i know ! you are doing shopping whopping and search best outfits, adornments, precious jewelry and etc etc ...

So lets me post about the Karwa chauth Mehendi Special post for you :)

Cool, so you must have think about mehendi at 500 Rs/- per hand at market..but brides atleast designs should be is of your choice !

so choose the best one and make the best one :)

Picture Credits: Google :)

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Hats AnD Scarf, You got in your bag for roaming a beach

Pretty girls :) My previous post is all about beach bags (BB) for you ! now its the time to think for hats and scarf with bags !

scarf with hat will give sunny and bright look to you on the beach ! you will look much colory, foral, pink girl :)

Girls Just Tie it, Twist it,
Wrap it, n Love it.

 Different knida of scarfs with hats you can choose :

  • cashmere scarf
  • Beautiful Classic Floppy Flower Wide Brim Sun Hats
  • Floppy Sun hat with Leopard Scarf
  • Sun Lily Fashion Flips Reversible Sun hAt.
  • Fuschia Silk Scarf with a Straw hat.
  • Coral Summer Scarf hat with floppy Straw hat.
Exciting ?? by reading the names?? i know .. ;) see the pictures and enjoy the shopping with these pizzaa ideas :) 

with love :

pink straw hat with heart silk scarf

All printed with Sunny colors

Muddy Floppy hat

Sun beach hat

Star Scarf

Muddy Straw hat

Crosia hat

little Star Sunny Scarf

All mud bag-hat

Sunny Red with polka scarf

yellow brown butterfly hat

printed Scarf

Silk pink Scarf around a straw hat

muddy straw hat with black polka scarf

All grey butterfly hat

All pink butterfly hat

Sun Lily Fashion Flips hat with Georgette Scarf

All sky

All set with Sun burn (MUST have)

Grey black hat with pink Georgette scarf 

Dress and Cool navy blue Floppy Straw hat

Cool navy blue Floppy Straw hat

Floppy straw hat with silk Scarf

Sun Dress

All bag packed to beach :D

Blue beach bag with muddy Straw hat

Sunny Orange Scraf with black-orange flower hat

Lining Straw hat

Printed Scraf

Light lemon yellow hat with printed scarf

Floral muddy Scraf

Red Silk Scarf

Peach and red Floral Scarf

Balck Floral Scarf

Sun hat with Orange Scarf

Polka Scarf